Dry goods storage

In addition to the refrigerated transport of meat and fish, fruit and vegetables and plants and flowers, Cargo Logistics also provides a dry goods storage option in our state-of-the-art storage facility. Contact us for more information or request a quote today.

Large 2000-m² storage facility

Time is money in the transport sector. Sometimes space has to be cleared at point A, prior to your cargo being dispatched to point B. That poses a logistical problem for which Cargo Logistics has the perfect solution. You can temporarily store your dry goods consignments (both large and small) in our spacious storage facility in Oudenaarde. Our lorries never run empty, which enables the transport of non-refrigerated cargo. We also make optimal use of various groupage options. Our storage facility in Oudenaarde is strategically located between the wholesale markets of Antwerp, Brussels and Roeselare.

Your goods, our concern

We store products separately and according to the requisite hygiene measures and specific product regulations (such as air humidity) at all times. That way we can guarantee the quality of your products, both during their transportation and storage. We always handle your cargo with the utmost care, regardless of whether you plan to store it in our warehouse for just a few days or a longer period of time.

We additionally use a loading bridge to make loading and unloading as efficient as possible. And our site is equipped with video surveillance and an alarm system, enabling you to leave your cargo in our dry goods storage facility with complete peace of mind.

On-site truck wash for impeccable hygiene

In addition to storing dry goods, we also boast our own, on-site truck wash facilities. We rigorously clean and disinfect the interior and exterior of every lorry using professional products at the end of each journey. After unloading cargo abroad, our drivers invariably visit one of our on-site truck wash facilities to prepare their lorry for its next journey. Hygiene is extremely important in the transport of food products and Cargo Logistics takes this responsibility very seriously.

Choose for specialised refrigerated transport and secure storage from Cargo Logistics

We transport both groupage and FTL cargo between the Benelux countries and Southern Europe. We use bi-temp trailers to transport various products at different temperatures in the same load.