International refrigerated and frozen transport

Cargo Logistics in Oudenaarde (Belgium) has 150 instantly deployable transport units that undertake daily trips between the Benelux countries and Southern Europe (Italy, Portugal, Spain and the South of France). We primarily specialise in the refrigerated transport of meat and fish, fruit and vegetables, and plants and flowers. You can depend on our experienced drivers for all your groupage and FTL transport requirements.


We go the extra mile in refrigerated transport

The correct temperature is essential for the transport of perishable (food) products. The temperature-controlled transport service from Cargo Logistics guarantees that your products remain in tip-top condition throughout their journey. Entrust your meat and fish, fruit and vegetables, and plants and flowers or other perishable products to the exceptionally safe hands of our experienced Cargo Logistics drivers. Got a small consignment? No problem! Our groupage service provides transport for cargo comprising upwards of 1 pallet.

What goods does Cargo Logistics specialise in?

Meat & fish

Professional refrigerated transportation of meat and fish on pallets or rail meat hooks.

Fruit & vegetables

Refrigerated transportation enables everyone to enjoy exotic fruit and vegetables all year round.

Plants & flowers

Refrigerated transportation with optimal air humidity guarantees that your crops remain in tip-top condition.

Fast service and competitive prices

From the Benelux countries to Southern Europe and back in just 1 day, and at extremely competitive prices.

Transparent service provision

Stay up to date with the status of your cargo with our track and trace system.

ATP approved with superlative hygiene

All our lorries are ATP approved and undergo rigorous cleansing in our truck wash after every journey.

Groupage transport Benelux – Southern Europe

Cargo Logistics also offers you the option of refrigerated groupage transport. We have a number of permanent depots in the South of France (Perpignan, Moissac and Cavaillon) where we compile groupage shipments on a daily basis. Our depots in Oudenaarde, Péruwelz (BE) and Breda (NL) enable our experienced drivers to commute effortlessly between Southern Europe and the Benelux countries.

Dry goods storage

Unable to continue storing your freight at the loading bay, but it’s not yet ready for dispatch to its final destination? Cargo Logistics has the perfect solution for this common logistical problem. We boast a secure 2000-m2 storage facility in Oudenaarde for your optimal convenience. We’re happy to store your dry goods here, until they’re ready for dispatch to their final destination. We also observe stringent hygiene measures to guarantee the quality of your products at all times.

Our partner

Want to transport your groupage or FTL cargo using refrigerated transport from Cargo Logistics?

We do our utmost to deliver your refrigerated or frozen transport at home and abroad, on time every time and for a competitive price.