Refrigerated fruit and vegetable transport

Oranges might not grow on trees in the Benelux countries, but they’re a common sight on our supermarket shelves. As are Belgian pears in Spain and Italy. Without international refrigerated fruit and vegetable transport, our choice would be greatly limited. Want to transport your fruit and/or vegetables between the Benelux countries and Southern Europe (France, Italy, Portugal, Spain)? Cargo Logistics is at your service! Simply complete our contact form to receive a no-obligation groupage or FTL transport quote.

Transparent service and state-of-the-art lorries

Cargo Logistics transports your fruit and vegetables in lorries equipped with the latest cooling systems, in order to safeguard their quality and freshness. We can also equip our trailers with partitions to create bi-temp zones with different temperatures for different products. This enables us to simultaneously transport apples at +2 to +5 degrees Celsius in one section and frozen fruit juice in another.

Our experienced drivers use a 150-strong fleet of ATP-approved lorries equipped with intelligent on-board computers for all refrigerated fruit and vegetable transport. This enables us to perform real-time cargo tracking and keep you informed at all times. It also allows our drivers to continuously monitor the temperature in the trailer and adjust this where necessary. We additionally use a loading bridge to make loading and unloading as efficient as possible.

Refrigerated fruit and vegetable transport: fast, efficient and customised to your requirements

Time is of the essence when transporting perishable goods. All our lorries are double-manned to ensure that your products reach their destination as quickly as possible. Our drivers alternate to respect the requisite driving times and rest periods, and to enable the transport of your fruit and vegetables from the Benelux countries to Southern Europe or vice versa in just one day. Regular destinations include the Cavaillon, Moissac and Perpignan industrial zones. Our drivers are additionally trained to work with foodstuffs. They consider the necessary hygiene measures and phytosanitary legislation at all times. We can also arrange groupage transport for optimal efficiency.

Want to transport your products fast, fresh and refrigerated?

You can depend on Cargo Logistics for temperature-controlled groupage and FTL fruit and vegetable transport. We guarantee a high-quality, flexible and transparent service at all times.