Refrigerated transport of fish and meat

An optimal temperature and strict hygiene are essential for the transport of meat and fish products. After all, you wouldn’t want your products to leave point A in perfect condition, only to arrive unusable at point B. Refrigerated transport of fish and meat from Cargo Logistics ensures that your products arrive at their destination in optimal condition. Contact us today and we’ll arrange the smooth and swift transportation of your goods.

Refrigerated transport of fish and meat: the optimal temperature from start to finish

At home, we also store meat and fish products in the refrigerator at ± 4° C, or in the freezer at -18° C if we plan on storing them for long periods of time. There is of course good reason for storing such products at these temperatures: it ensures that they stay fresh for longer. Our 150 instantly-deployable lorries are equipped with the very latest cooling technology, enabling us to transport your products in optimal conditions. We continuously monitor the temperature of your refrigerated transport of fish and meat throughout its journey and adjust where necessary. We can also lower the temperature gradually to avoid excessive temperature shock.

Got a lightly chilled product consignment in addition to a frozen one? No problem. We use partitions to divide the trailer contents and transport your products in various cooling zones. Smaller consignments are also welcome. We use groupage transport to transport your products to their destination in optimal condition and in a fast, environmentally-friendly way!

Professional, efficient and 100% hygienic

Our drivers are specially trained in the temperature-controlled transport of products such as meat or fish. They ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination quickly and at the optimal temperature. Our ATP-approved trailers are also equipped with rail meat hooks making them ideal for refrigerated meat and fish transport. And our drivers observe stringent hygiene measures at all times; indeed, protective coats and hairnets are mandatory for all our meat and fish transportations.

All our lorries are double-manned to ensure that your fish or meat transportations arrives at its destination on time. This also enables us to drive from Southern Europe to the Benelux or vice versa in just one day.

How can Cargo Logistics be of further service?

In addition to temperature-controlled meat and fish transport, you can also call on us for the refrigerated transport of plants and flowers, fruit and vegetables and other foodstuffs. You can additionally store your dry goods cargo in our secure storage facility.

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